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Microblading Fort Myers

Microblading is an amazing new method of enhancing your eyebrows.  We have certified and licensed eyebrow artist on staff who will give you full and perfectly shaped eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Microblading

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Microblading vs Tattooing:  Are Permanent Brows Right for You?



If you struggle with eyebrow hair loss, if you’ve always had thin and/or light brows, if you wish your eyebrows had a better shape to compliment your face, or if you struggle with the ability to apply makeup daily to your brows, then you may be a great candidate for Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation.



Permanent Makeup is a procedure in which a pigment or ink is implanted into the skin, to provide the look of natural hairs, or powder makeup, without any daily maintenance.  There are two different methods of Permanent Makeup procedures for eyebrows;  Microblading and Eyebrow Tattooing.  Both are very different, and for most people, one is a much better option than the other.



First, let’s chat about Microblading, a common trend in the beauty industry, which literally translates to “small blade”.  Microblading uses a tool that consists of a series of needles in a straight line creating a blade.  The blade is used to make small cuts in the skin, to mimic the look brow hairs.  Pigment is then rubbed into the bleeding cuts, to give them color.  The depth of the cuts needs to be precise; not too shallow or the pigment won’t stay, but if they’re too deep, it can severely traumatize the skin, and the pigment can change color during the healing process.  Due to the poor retention of Microblading, touchups are often needed every few months.  The small cuts created by the microblade procedure can often turn into scars, and even though your eye can’t always see these scars, repeated trauma of having microblading done over and over can eventually create scar tissue, at which point the skin will stop accepting pigment, and only scarring will remain. 



So what’s the other option?  Tattooing eyebrows is the same process as a regular tattoo that one would get on another part of their body.  A tattoo machine is used to implant a series of small dots into the skin, creating a soft powder look, or the look of natural hairs (this technique is often referred to as Nano or Machine Hair Strokes.)  This tattoo method does not disrupt the structure or integrity of the skin, so skin in between these dots remains undamaged, thus decreasing risk of scarring.  Tattooing also has better retention and results typically last 12-24+ months before a touchup is needed.  The pigment or ink used for the eyebrow tattoo is implanted at a depth more shallow than a traditional tattoo which provides a soft powder appearance, just like makeup, that will slowly fade over time.  Unlike Microblading, which has a very specific requirement of skin type, there is no restriction on the client’s skin type when using a tattoo machine, which makes it a much more popular option.



For either method of Permanent Makeup that you may choose, it’s very important to meet your artist and have a consultation.  Make sure they are properly licensed and trained, and be sure to they take the time to review the contraindications (skin issues, medications, diseases or illnesses, etc) that may prevent you from being a good candidate for Permanent Makeup.  Most great artists, will also have plenty of before and after photos of happy clients to show you examples of their work.